The Used Yaoi Fanfiction
Jepha yawned and rolled. On reflection, rolling was a bad idea because it led to him falling out of bed. It also led to a far too awake Dan to stick his head out of the bathroom door and laugh at him. It surprised the bassist that Dan wasn't in bed; he was usually the lazy one. Rubbing the elbow he'd managed to smack on the corner of his bedside table, Jeph looked up at his alarm clock. 7:18. Wow, it must be a special day. That was, of course, when the obvious smacked him around the face like a slimy dead fish. Dan was only up early because it was Jeph's birthday and he was undoubtedly planning something. What that something was, Jepha had no idea. Instead of doing something productive, he remained where he was sitting on the floor, naked. Dan wouldn't care, he'd seen it all many times before. He rested his head on the mattress, eyes closed. He had just started to drift back off to sleep when Dan walked back in.
"Good morning," he chirped. Dan never chirped. Especially not in the mornings. Something was definitely wrong.
"Uh, morning?" Jepha prised his eyes open again and glanced around until he found Dan. The drummer was wearing nothing but a towel, skin and hair still slightly damp from his shower. Jeph couldn't help but stare, his deep brown eyes tracing every line of smooth muscle in Dan's back, disappointed when they met fluffy white. He chewed on the inside of his lip and rose to his feet. When Jeph was about half a metre behind him, Dan knew what he was up to.
"Jepha, if you even think about removing this towel I will personally see to it that you have an excruciatingly painful death." Dan's usual morning-persona glimmered through; Jeph was actually kind of relieved.
"Aww, but Dan… It's my birthday." He wrapped his tattooed arms around Dan's stomach, pressing up against him. Kissing the skin just below Dan's ear, he leant up to murmur "Don't I get a present?" He ran his fingers over the top of  the towel.
"Well, yeah, but that's not -" Dan stopped, breath catching in the back of his throat as Jepha's fingertips pushed underneath the cloth. "You're such a horny bastard."
"Ah but you love it." He smirked against Dan's flushed neck, teasing the skin between his teeth and biting softly. As the towel fell, he licked over the dark pink mark he'd made on the drummer's skin.
"Jepha, stop it. We're supposed to be meeting Bert and Quinn at - ah - half eight." He whimpered quietly as Jeph started nibbling on his ear lobe.
"Half eight? Why so early?"
"We're going somewhere. We should get dressed." Short sentences were the only thing that Dan could manage right now, Jeph's fingers tracing lines over the top of his thigh.
"It doesn't take me that long to get dressed, jeez."
"Y-yeah, but how long we will have?" Dan squeezed his eyes shut, head tilting back onto Jeph's shoulder.
"Long enough." Sighing, Dan turned and made his way to the bed, stretching out on it. Jepha sat between his legs and leant down to kiss him hard on the mouth. Dan gripped onto his shoulders, pulling him in and deepening the kiss. "So…" he murmured against the drummer's lips, "This present of mine…"
"Whatever you want, Jeph…" he was breathing heavier than usual. A low groan escaped him as Jeph lowered his mouth to his abdomen, tracing circles with his tongue. Eager to occupy his own hands, Dan ran them through Jepha's long fringe, shuddering as brown eyes looked up to his face. They were wide but they certainly weren't innocent. Those eyes still held their wicked gleam as Jeph kissed Dan's erection, swirled his tongue around the tip. "F-fuck, I thought this was your present." The bassist's shoulders twitched in a vague semblance of a shrug; he enjoyed this. He loved to see Dan squirming beneath him, feel his thighs trembling against his hands as he took him further into his mouth. Dan moaned, forcing himself not to buck up, Jepha's skilful tongue massaging his skin. Swallowing down his gag reflex, Jeph took Dan into the back of his throat, murmuring happily against him. Fingers clenched in his hair as began to bob his head up and down. "Je-eph!" Dan gasped, filling the other man's mouth. Jeph swallowed it all down, pulling off and licking his lips.
"Hmm, shower?"
--50 Minutes Later--
Jepha and Dan practically ran out of the lift into the lobby where Bert and Quinn stood impatiently.
"You were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago." Quinn muttered,
"We got… distracted." Dan glared at the side of Jeph's oblivious head, causing Bert to smirk. He quirked his eyebrows upwards, nudging Dan's side,
"Birthday present, hey? You suck him off in the shower or something?" Quinn cringed slightly; Bert really was a disgusting pervert sometimes.
"Uh, I didn't suck him off."

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