The Used Yaoi Fanfiction

I got this idea to do notes and letters from a household. As sort of snapshots of their lives together.
There are different pairings.


Ok, I have to confess. I'm so sorry and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. It was an accident, and there are no excuses.

I killed your goldfish. I accidently um....well, I put him in the microwave.

About a week ago. So that little orange blur in the bowl that you've been feeding and cooing over, I'm afraid he isn't Fluffy. That's probably why he doesn't do any of the tricks he used to. It wasn't my fault, I swear, I was making hot chocolate and I heard Quinn and Bert getting it on on our couch so I had to go tell them to stop because it's not wipe-clean. And er, when I was distracted, I may have...put Fluffy in the microwave instead if the jug of milk. Sorry.

But if you forgive me, I promise I'll stop screaming in pleasure every time we watch Criminal Minds and Hotch comes on the screen. I'll even stop screaming when Reid comes on. And, I'll even let you do the thing with the whipped cream that you wanna do. Please forgive me. I'm reeeeeaaaaalllly sorry.

Love you (remember to pick up some more milk),