The Used Yaoi Fanfiction
Written by MagicalGreenPen. All credit goes to her.

Bert watched Quinn's sleeping form in the near darkness of the room they were both staying in. The room itself was small, cramped with the one, very narrow double bed. Jepha and Dan were sharing a room just down the hall, one that was undoubtedly just as cramped. He was glad that he'd gotten to share with their guitarist; it gave him the excuse to sit there watching as his chest rose up and down with his long sleeping breaths. Perhaps it was just his way to check that Quinn was still breathing, still alive. Still there. He sighed to himself; Quinn was always there, true, but he was never there in the way that Bert wanted him to be. Yawning widely, he realised just how tired he was. He stood up straight from where he had been leaning against the windowsill and took two small steps to get to the bed. Carefully, so as not to wake the sleeping man, he pulled back the thin, worn out duvet and crawled into bed. Quinn's lips were slightly parted; his hair was falling messily over his face. It was all Bert could do to stop himself from running his hands through that pale blonde hair and kissing those full lips until he couldn't breathe any more. He closed his eyes briefly, trying to push any thoughts out of his head. He opened them again, perhaps a little too restless now. Pushing thoughts of Quinn's mouth out of his head hadn't worked. They were stronger than ever, each image bringing more and more wicked things for Quinn's lips to be doing to Bert. He sighed softly, breath fluttering over the blonde's face as he wrapped an arm over Quinn's skinny torso. Bert shuffled closer; Quinn knew that he was a hugger. He rested his forehead against his bare shoulder for a moment before looking over it, pressing a chaste kiss to the cool skin. He tugged their shared duvet up a little higher. Quinn murmured in his sleep and Bert thought little of it.
"Mmm, Bert..?" he mumbled against Bert's neck, now partly awake.
"Y-yeah?" he had fought so desperately to keep the stammer and any hints of nervousness from his voice, but it had wormed its way in, as always. He went to pull away – perhaps he was a little too close. Certainly close enough for Quinn to be feeling the beginning of his hard-on against his thigh.
"Warm. Stay." He hugged Bert back tightly, keeping him there. Bert swallowed hard. Quinn absently tangled Bert's black hair around his fingers. It probably needed washing but he didn't care. It may have seemed a little strange but he kind of liked the feel of it against his skin.
"Sorry I woke you up," Bert whispered against the shell of Quinn's ear. He felt the muscles in Quinn's face moving and knew that he was smiling.
"That's alright. You know, I don't even feel that tired any more." Bert rubbed his hand over Quinn's shoulder blades, more trying to calm himself than anything else. Quinn giggled quietly, "Your stubble is tickling me."  Bert flushed and apologised. "Hey, it's fine." He moved his head awkwardly and pressed a tender kiss to Bert's forehead. It just made him blush a darker shade of red. He was glad that it was dark there; Quinn couldn't see him blushing, even though he could probably feel the warmth.
They lay in companionable silence for a while, Bert slowly stroking the guitarist's back and Quinn fiddling with the singer's hair.
"Bert?" he whispered. There was no need to be so quiet, but he was loathe to break the quiet that had settled comfortably over the two of them. There was no reply, so he figured that Bert was asleep. He was going to say it anyway. "I love you," he stroked Bert's hair gently, "Too much." Maybe it was better if Bert hadn't heard-
"Really?" Bert's voice wavered slightly, as though he was trying not to cry. "Please tell me that's true and that you're not messing about." He clutched tighter to Quinn's back, fingers digging into his skin desperately.
"Really, it's true. I would never joke about that kind of shit." He took a deep breath, "Do you… love me too?"
"Always have," he murmured, pulling away slightly to look at Quinn's face. He was smiling happily, soft lips quivering a little. Bert couldn't help but kiss him. Their lips locked together in a tender embrace. A little tentative to take control of the situation, Quinn deepened their kiss, slipping his tongue between his own lips into Bert's mouth. Their tongues slipped over and under each other's, exploring the new places they had been allowed into. Bert arched against Quinn's bare chest, needing to be closer to him. God, he felt like a giddy teenager experiencing their first love, their first kiss. He rolled on top of Quinn, still not breaking their kiss as he ran appreciative hands down his chest. Quinn blushed at all of the attention, a little self-conscious. Bert drew away, searching Quinn's eyes for permission. Biting his lip, Quinn shook his head lightly. He couldn't, not yet. "That's okay, baby." He murmured, leaning down to be closer to Quinn's lips and captured them with his own for a moment.
"Sorry, I've just never…" he glanced away. Gently, Bert turned his face back towards his own. It was fine. Quinn loved him, that was all that mattered.
"I said it was fine. We don't have to. What's the rush, eh?" Bert was used to these things always going wrong; when he got attached to someone, he wanted to rush so that he could know them better. He thought they would always end too soon. He had to have faith in Quinn.
"Okay," he pressed a shaky kiss to the side of Bert's mouth, letting the singer roll off of him. They curled up in each other's arms, pressing the odd kisses to each other's lips and necks and cheeks and collarbones.
"Night, Quinn," Bert murmured against the other man's jaw. Quinn squeezed him tighter for a moment. Now that he had Bert, he wasn't going to let go any time soon.
"Night." His eyelids slid closed and he drifted off to sleep just in time to hear Bert's murmur of 'I love you'.

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