The Used Yaoi Fanfiction


"But nobody else in this house is addicted to anything so they don't get it!They don't know how hard it is!" Gerard paced,up and down the cold celler floor,talking to himself.I paused outside the door,listening.He was losing his mind.I hesitated,not sure if I should disturb him or let him relax before I put myself in mortal danger by entering.Good thing I'm a vampire.In my head.Dear God,maybe I'm the one losing my mind? I shake my head and chuckle"No silly,you've always been weird." Then realise I am talking to myself. Surreptituosley,I check my palms.Nope no hair.Yet.
I shake my head at my own randomness,and push open the door.

He's pulling at his dark,thick hair in stress.He turns away from the door before I enter and is now facing the tiny window near the top of the wall of his black and red celler bedroom.The word 'celler' makes it sound like it should be cold but it's not.It's really warm,actually kind of hot.Like Gerard.I almost chuckle at my wit.Or rather, 'wit'. I sneak up behind him,and wrap my arms around his waist,before he whirls around,startled. "God!" he shrieks.
"You can call me Bert." I say seductively. He frowns at me and pushes my arms off him roughly."Get off me,you freak."
"Pice.Meally nuckin pice,Gewawd."My voice is slightly muffled because of the fact I have managed to land in a pile of dirty clothes.I come face-to-crotch with a pair of his boxers."Ew."
"What?" He pauses from tearing his hair out."What's 'ew'?"
I ignore him.It would end in a pointless argument about exactly why his dirty boxers are gross,which I will inevitably win,when I shove his boxers into his mouth."I brought the goods." I stage-whisper.

He whirls around to face me,almost gracefully."You-you brought it?"He hisses.
"Of course.Have I ever not come through for you?"I offer him the package.
He bites his lip,clearly in deep thought."Maybe....maybe I shouldn't."
"You don't want it?" I ask,surprised.I start to put it away when he leaps onto me.
"No! I want it.Gimme Bert gimme!" he wrenches the package away from me.
"Jesus! I should really get something in return for this." I pucker my lips and he frowns at me."I'm not that easy,Bert." Damn. He rushes over to the little counter-top beside his desk and ...freezes."You'll have to do it for me Bert,my hands are shaking." he pushes me towards his "special" counter.I sigh dramatically and start to prepare his poison while he practically bounces off the walls."Come on,hurry!" I can't heat it any faster! Calm down man.I say silently. He jumps onto the bed,trembling.He runs his hands through his already messy hair,nervously.
Finally it's ready."Here it's-"he shoves me away and  dives toward the counter.
He inhales the scent."God,I love coffee."
"I know."I frown."How long did you get without it this time?"
"Almost an hour."He announces, proudly. I roll my eyes.He sidles up to me,having finished his first hit."Sooo...Bert,sweetie.We're all alone."He says, silkily. "So we are."I agree. He presses closer to me. "And my parents won't be  back until eight."he continues,placing a hand on my lower back.I nod,and settle on the bed.He attempts to push me down,but I resist.Instead in one fluid movement I pull him down onto the bed and roll over so I'm straddling his waist."Eight?So we have what?Four hours.That should be just enough."I bite my lip,and glance hopefully at his crotch.
"Nope,not enough."He grins,and suddenly bucks his hips upwards.I shake my head,slowly."Nope,not yet."I tease him.He sighs." Am I close yet?" I look down to check."Nope." I very deliberately grind my hips down into his. "You can't really-OH-think that would work." He trails off. I look down  and am disappointed "Apparently,it  helped."
"Not enough." He smirks.  "Damn."I curse.I'm all out of relied-upon moves.I have none left.I am move-less.
"My turn."He half-sings, and so quickly I don't realize it until he's right-fucking-there,he rolls, trapping me underneath him.He catches my wrists and forces them up above my head.He spreads his legs,a knee either side of my ribs, and lowers himself slowly into my lap, keeping flirtatious eye--contact with me the whole time.He  lowers his body and rubs against my crotch,leaning forward so his lips almost press against mine.I turn my head,childishly.He lowers his head more and runs his warm tongue along my neck,to my collar-bone and pulls up my t-shirt.(It proclaims BUTTSEX IS ITCHY)He licks downwards from my chest to my stomach,pausing at my boxer waistband.He flicks the elastic with his teeth.."Are you hard?"He murmers.
I grin as I reply."Nope." I say proudly. His smile falters."Dammit.Alright,we'll call it a draw." He gets off me reluctantly and makes his way to the timber support beam close to the wall,at the end of his bed.
He curves his body around  so he can see the hidden part."Alright.You weren't hard,"He frowns,scratching a number into to whittled wood."But neither was I.So a point taken from each of our over-all scores." I nod.

Some people say this is a dangerous game we play.That someday we'll lose control and Gerard will cheat on Frank and I'll cheat on Quinn.We won't though,we've got flawless self-control,even those times we've both been hard and there was no-one around ,we could always walk away.Well,hobble away,when wearing skinny jeans but you get the picture.
We've come close to it though.I guess that's why we like it.It's a thrill,knowing we could.
It's enough,just knowing.
For now.