The Used Yaoi Fanfiction
 Bert moaned as Jeph fastened his wrists to the back of the chair. He was naked except for the tent he had managed to pitch in his boxers.             “What are you going to do…?” He murmured, watching as Jeph’s hands ran up his own torso, his tight shirt riding up the inked surface. His fingers caught on his nipple piercings, tugging on the small silver ring, moaning softly in pleasure. Bert tugged on his bindings. “No fair, Jepha.”

            “Yes, fair, now hush.” Jeph lifted his leg, running his hands up his thigh as he poked Bert’s cheek with his big toe. Suddenly, he rammed his heel into Bert’s chest and sent the whole chair flying backwards against the bed so that it was tilted back and leaning against it. Bert swallowed, nervous and shaken.

            “Jeph…” Jeph was straddling the precariously balanced furniture, grinding against his hard crotch. “Such a… such a fucking…”

            “Shut it, or I’ll gag you.” Bert moaned, falling silent as Jeph’s sinful hips rutted against his straining dick. His arse was spread over his head and he ground against the heated skin. Bert bucked pitifully, his efforts wasted as Jeph pulled himself away. “Naughty.” He teased, running a finger down Bert’s neck, finding his nipple and pinching it. Bert groaned, snapping his teeth at Jeph’s hand.

            “I want to fuck your ass so hard, Jepharee… treat you bad-.” He gasped as Jeph slapped him hard around the face before moaning in greater arousal. Jeph smirked.

            “Suck my dick.” Bert shuddered, opening his mouth, letting Jeph straddle his shoulders and grip his hair. Puckering his lips, Bert sucked on Jeph’s head as he pushed his cock into his mouth. Jeph groaned, dropped his head backwards and arching his torso away, panting as he entered the delicious heat of Bert’s lips. He dug his nails into his scalp, starting to thrust his hips, fucking Bert’s mouth.

            “Suck harder.” Snarled Jeph, grinding harder. A small trial of spit and precum dripped onto Bert’s chin as he hollowed his cheeks, opening his throat and gagging on Jeph’s head. Growling, Jeph undid Bert’s binds, dragging his dick from his mouth.

            He pressed him into the mattress, kissing his lips, dominating his mouth with his tongue. He was still gripping his hair, his other hand running down Bert’s back and pinching his arse. Bert gasped against those powerful lips as a finger was inserted in him gently. He whined loudly, trying to push Jeph’s hand away, but Jeph growled and dug it deeper. Bert’s teeth clamped down on Jeph’s tongue.

            A hard slap echoed the room and Jeph removed his finger. Bert was wincing, running his fingers down the side of his face.

            “Sorry.” Mumbled Jeph. “Caught up in the moment.” Bert half smiled, half smirked.

            “Oh, you’ll be sorry.” He leapt forward, snatching Jeph’s hair and kissing him hard, lying between his legs and running his hands up and down his thighs. Jeph wrapped them around his waist, grinding up, desperate, begging Bert to enter him. “Not yet, Jepharee. Not yet.”

            He sat up, grabbing Jeph’s hips and flipping him over onto his front. Jeph whined, moving on his hands and knees, pressing his arse into Bert’s hands. Bert tutted, spanking it and earning an unsatisfied moan. He kissed Jeph’s lower back, gripping his arse cheeks and parting them. Jeph started to pant in realization, whimpering and gripping the headboard to push himself back. Bert licked his entrance, twisting his tongue slightly and running it into his hole. Jeph howled in pleasure.

            Bert pulled his tongue out, gripping Jeph’s hip and angling pressing his dick to his entrance. Jeph whimpered.

            “Let me ride you, Bert…” Another spank fell across his thighs.

            “Such a needy whore… such a dirty slut Jeph…” They rolled, Jeph facing away as Bert sat up against the wall. He yanked on Jeph’s hips so that he sank down onto his throbbing cock. Jeph moaned, his legs either side of Bert’s thighs as he forced himself down onto the thick member. Bert growled, arching up, reaching to Jeph’s chest to tug on his nipple rings. Jeph could feel the cold of the metal stud inside him from Bert’s piercing, gasping as it dragged against his inner walls and rubbed into his prostate.

            “Fuck… there Bert… please keep going there…” Bert pulled Jeph closer, writhing his own hips up into him, moving his calves underneath him so that he was able to thrust up into Jeph and drag him down.

            Jeph was screaming his name, thick black hair falling across his face and obscuring his eyes as he yelled out his name. His skinny chest became wrapped in Bert’s arms, his tight arse being filled with Bert’s dick, precum dripping onto the backs of his legs, the droplets being smudged by the sweat that clung to their skin and the wet shlick that came with every thrust.

            Bert dropped his head onto Jeph’s shoulder, running his hand from the back of Jeph’s neck to his face, his hair sticking on end and covering his eyes as Bert dragged his mouth to his, kissing it awkwardly, two fingers sliding between his lips.

            They came together, Jeph’s hips spasms upwards as he sprayed the sheets, mouth open wide to invite in Bert’s fingers as he was filled with thick spurts of Bert’s spunk.

            Collapsing forwards, they detangled their limbs and rubbing their sweat into the sheets. Bert rolled onto his side, one arm covering Jeph’s stomach, huddling into him protectively. Jeph smiled, pressing his lips into Bert’s cheek and curling his legs around them both.

            “Bitch.” Mumbled Jeph sleepily. Bert raised an eyebrow. “Fine, cock sucker.” Bert opened his mouth to reply. “You can’t deny it, you had my dick down your throat.” He received a prod in the ribs. “And don’t deny you didn’t enjoy it either.” Another prod and a small kiss on the shoulder.


            “Your slut.”

            “And don’t you forget it.”