The Used Yaoi Fanfiction
“What are you doing?” “Watching Quinn shower. Naked.”
“Oh, right. Awesome.”

            Bert continued to crouch in front of the bathroom door, peering through the gap in the lock. Jeph continued to walk past, perhaps jealous of Bert’s view – the best view in the entire house – of naked-Quinn.

            Quinn looked beautiful, hot water running over his chest and neck and through his hair. Soapy bubbles dribbled down his stomach and clung to his legs, sinking down his calves and pooling in the shower tray. He leaned back, the long rivulets of hot liquid rolling out of his mouth and down his jaw. His hands caressed his shoulders, rubbing in the suds and moaning as his tense muscles relaxed against his callused fingers.

            Bert mewled in praise, watching the glistening body under the soft amber light. Flickering shadows cast across Quinn’s torso and his chest tightened as he inhaled. A devilish grin caught Bert’s lips as he watched Quinn’s hand snake down that glorious abdomen to grip his half hard member.

            Reaching up to open the door, Bert stood from his uncomfortable squat. Peering through the crack, Bert was able to watch Quinn pleasuring himself under the rough shards of water that flowed across his shoulders and back. It was so fucking hot.

            Quinn didn’t notice Bert entering the bathroom and dropped his shorts to the floor. He didn’t notice Bert removing his shirt or kicking off his shoes or climbing into the bath with him and standing behind him as he showered. He <i>barely</i> even noticed Bert’s hand as he ran his palm up his back and kneading the flesh above his collarbone before it snaked round to his front and down his chest to where his own hand was pumping his dick – he must have been too engrossed in his own fantasy to realize that it was actually coming true.

            Bert turned Quinn around, pressing his back to the tiles and finding his mouth with his own. He gripped onto his thigh and dug his nails into wet skin. Quinn was grinding desperately into him, his free hand twisting in Bert’s dirty locks and dragging him closer. Bert snarled.

            “Such a filthy whore, Quinn. You only do this because you <i>know</i> I’m watching…” Quinn groaned as Bert’s fist twisted around his head and pumped his entire length. “You love putting on a dirty little show for me, don’t you?” Quinn wrapped his leg around Bert’s hip, rutting himself against Bert’s smaller composure.

            “F-fuck me, Bert…” Bert chuckled at Quinn’s husky begging, lifting the other leg and crushing him against the wall until he could barely breath. The water continued to soak the two of them; Bert’s hair became streaked with it and it fell across his face. His eyes were fiercer and bluer than Quinn had ever really seen them. “I need you, Bert. I seriously fucking need you.” And then they burst with black.

            A scream fell from Quinn’s lips, a loving tremble in the long note, as Bert buried his cock inside his entrance. Nails scrabbled like an amateur’s on a piano’s keys, tiny crescents sinking into the curve of Bert’s neck as he rocked his hips against Quinn’s in fast, jerky motions. Ragged pants followed the guttural cry and precum wept onto Bert’s knuckles as he stroked Quinn’s dick in tight fingers. His own mewls and snarls built up in damp condensation around Quinn’s neck, teeth digging in and shredding the skin in licks and bites. Quinn was cumming hard into Bert’s hand, sticky white washed away by the water that still fell from the shower head.

            Bert yanked himself away, spinning Quinn around and bending him over the side of the bath. He watched those pale fists grip onto the pipes in the wall, pressing his hips backwards into Bert’s crotch and begging him to ride his arse. Bert complied, smacking his palm into the perfectly formed muscle of Quinn’s buttock. Quinn whined and tightened around Bert, bucking backwards into his thrusts, sending him over the edge.

            He came deep inside him, loving the way he trembled as Bert wrapped his arms around him, riding out his orgasm.

            He pulled out and let the skinny boy collapse to the bottom of the bath. Finally, he picked Quinn up and carried him out of the room, dragging a towel into his arms to dry him off. Quinn was smiling up at him, even when Bert kicked open the door to his own room and almost fell over. Dropping Quinn on the bed, he kissed him roughly. Quinn wrapped his arms around Bert, giggling slightly as Bert’s fingers ruffled the wetness of his hair. Water sprayed over the pillows and Bert’s lips calmed against the already gentle ones.

            Jeph walked past.

            “What are you doing?”

            “Making out with Quinn. Naked.”

            “Oh, okay. Awesome.”

            Quinn dragged Bert down for more kissing, enjoying the feel of their grinding hips and gentle hands. Bert continued to enjoy himself, shooing Jeph away with a free hand. Jeph continued to walk past the open bedroom door, perhaps jealous of Bert’s view – the best view in the entire house – of naked-Quinn.