The Used Yaoi Fanfiction
Dan groaned, rolling onto his side and colliding with something soft and warm. He blearily prised open one eye to stare at the body next to his. A headache pressed against the left side of his skull; he didn't need this. Ha, when had he ever fucking needed this?  He closed his eyes again, still unsure of who he'd managed to pick up the night before. There was the possibility he didn't even know who they were. He sighed and buried his face in the pillow, now lying on his stomach. Starting to drift off again, he lay there for a quite a while. Time wasn't going right that morning and Dan couldn't get to grips with it. Something, or rather someone, poked his shoulder. He ignored it, hoping they'd just go away. But that couldn't happen could it? Why had he landed himself with someone like this? This was going to be a hard one to get rid of. Another poke. He sighed.
"Dan…?" He rcognised that voice… goddamn who was it? "You sleepin'?" Dan sat up abruptly, staring at the calmer man next to him. "I'll take that as a no…" he muttered.
"Jepha?!" It was going to be impossible to get rid of Jeph. He had to fucking work with him! "Y-you…" Dan stopped and thought. Maybe nothing had happened. Maybe they had just ended up sharing a bed. He cursed his alcohol-fuddled mind, wishing that he could remember.
"M-me?" he mimicked Dan's high, worried tone of voice and grinned. "What about me?"
"Did… oh fuck I feel so fucking stupid for being so forgetful but I was fucking drunk last night so…"
"You want to know if we had sex, right?" Jeph sighed and rolled his eyes. He knew what Dan was like; he had always known. But he had still given in to his drunken flirting, knowing full well he'd be rejected when morning rolled around and light hit their tired eyes. Dan was a creature of the night, through and through. When it came to morning you'd be gone, he'd pretend nothing happened. Never stable, never constant. All over the place. And Jeph cursed himself for being the constant, the one that loved him. No matter what.
"Um, yeah I do…"
"We did." He wasn't going to beat about the bush or pretty it up with more words and longer sentences. A quick, harsh, drink-fuelled fuck in the deep darkness of the night didn't deserve that. Jeph chewed on the corner of his bottom lip, tongue pushing against on of the metal studs beneath it. If Dan wanted nothing else he could at least have the decency to say he didn't love Jeph.
"Oh right, uh…" He ran a hand through his brown hair, dishevelling it further. This was awkward. Jeph leant up, placing one hand on the back of Dan's neck and kissing him softly. He pulled away, looking Dan in the eyes.
"One last kiss, hey?" Then Jeph stood and pulled on his clothes, keeping his back to Dan. Dan who was admiring him from afar, eyes locked on the smooth tattooed skin. Dan with his seeming lack of morals and murderous hangover. Dan the drummer, the quietly crazy one. He pulled on his shirt and started to walk out of the room,
"Where you going, Jepha?"
"Breakfast." He replied curtly. Bastard. Stupid little bastard.
"Wait for me." Rolling his eyes, Jeph stopped and leant against the door of the hotel room. Yawning wide enough to make his jaw pop, Dan lazily started to pick up his clothes. They were scattered all over the floor, evidence of their night. Jeph shuddered, not wishing himself to remember, but it was there.

"C'mon, Jepha," he tugged the bassist's wrist, dragging him up the stairs. Fumbled in his pocket for the room key as he tried to kiss him. Finally, the room card and he slid it into the reader. Click, the door swung open. Dan pushed Jeph into the room, onto the bed. Fumbling with buttons and zips and belts, the lost articles of clothing being thrown to the floor. Dan's lips on his collarbone, hands everywhere.

Jepha stared, transfixed, as Dan pulled his jeans up over his skinny hips. It wasn't that way last night. He exhaled sharply, as if suppressing a bitter bark of a laugh. As the drummer slipped his shirt over his head, he threw a wide grin in Jeph's direction, slowly making his way across the room. Why was he so slow this morning? Or maybe it was just Jeph's mind, slowing everything down to savour it.
"Right, breakfast." Jeph mumbled to his shoes, unable to meet Dan's eyes. Dan gripped his chin and tilted his face up but he just looked to the side. "Jepha, look at me." Reluctantly, his wide brown eyes looked up at Dan's face. He silently cursed his gently quivering lip. You couldn't love someone this long and not be heartbroken when they had a drunken one-night-stand with you before they tossed you aside. "Last night… what did it mean to you?"
"What do you care? You don't even remember it." Dan sighed,
"No. No, I don't. I guess I was too drunk and I guess maybe you don't care I want to try that again some time I'm sober." Jeph blinked.
"I said… Well, I'm trying to say that… uh, I love you, I think." He smiled hopefully, half-shrugging in a 'what-can-you-do-about-it?' kind of way.
"Oh." He's just told you he loves you and all you can say is 'oh'?! You're such a dumbass, say it back! "I love you too, Dan." He swallowed. "Have done quite a while, er…" he gave up on explanations, instead wrapping his arms around Dan's neck and kissing him. The other man traced the side of his face with his fingers, running the tips over his stubble-covered jaw. He pushed his tongue between Jeph's lips, brushing it against the roof of his mouth. Jeph gasped quietly, a shiver rippling down his spine. Dan pulled back,
"Do we have to?"
"Yes, otherwise they'll wonder where we are." Dan kissed Jeph's forehead tenderly, giving him one last squeeze before pushing open the door.
--In the lift--
"Um, guys… were you just making out in the lift?" Bert snickered and Quinn blushed for them.
"Noooo." Dan nudged Jeph in the ribs, frowning at him. "Okay, so we were. Why is it any of your business?" Jeph crossed his arms, watching the doors slide shut behind the two other members of the band.
"Because I don't really need to see it." Bert pulled a face,
"Oh, like you don't make out with Quinn enough in front of us." Dan retorted.
"Just as long as you don't do it when we're meant to be recording, hey?" Quinn stepped in before the insults started to fly around and turn the air blue. Jepha smiled gratefully at him. There was an awkward silence in the small, enclosed space, only to be broken by Bert's child-like voice.
"I really wanna donut."

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